(Alphabetical order by last name)

Sandhya Acharya, “How I Learned My Name” (October 2017)

Michael Akuchie, “A Perfect Day” (April 2022)

Elison Alcovendaz, “The Assimilation of Boyboy Santos” (May 2019)

Mileva Anastasiadou, “My Husband Bought a River” (January 2021)

Ian Anderson, “Ernest Borgnine” (April 2020)

Rose Andersen, “Jane, the Ugly” (November 2018)

E. Kristin Anderson, “Ted Cruz Tries to Fight a Grackle Over a Single Tortilla Chip” (August 2019)

Malwina Andruczyk, “Ice Story” (February 2019)

Madeline Anthes, “Staying Afloat” (July 2017)

Jules Archer, “Us, Anywhere” (August 2017)

Sandra Arnold, “Mr. Snowman Bring Me a Dream” (January 2018)

D. Arthur, “Mouthfuls of Bombogenesis” (June 2018)

Sally Badawi, “The Parable of the Good Immigrant” (September 2021)

Sudha Balagopal, “Imperfect” (May 2017)

Emily Banks, “The Editorial Says College Girls…” (June 2021)

Abbie Barker, “If Tonight We Sit For Dinner” (July 2021)

Maria Alejandra Barrios, “That Motherfucking Light / Cúanta Luz” (August 2019)

Barbara Barrow, “Exodus” (November 2018)

Paul Beckman, “Winter Walks” (March 2017)

Paul Beckman, “This is How It’s Done” (June 2019)

Hugh Behm-Steinberg, “A Song About Dogs” (August 2021)

Carolee Bennett, “Opening Chapter” (November 2021)

Annie Berke, “Man-Child’s Menu” (January 2022)

Brett Biebel, “The House on Hwy 18, Probably October 1999” (January 2021)

Damyanti Biswas, “Sadness is Made of Nothing” (October 2021)

Nick Black, “Trail Blazer” (September 2018)

Genia Blum, “The Ravine” (February 2021)

Kristin Bonilla, “Things We Stole” (November 2017)

Wendy BooyedeGraaff, “Urban Geography” (April 2022)

Becca Borawski Jenkins, “Esta es la Linea Azul” (June 2017)

Timothy Boudreau, “The Oral” (October 2018)

Melissa Bowers, “At Times, You Get Under His Skin” (November 2021)

J. Bradley, “First Date” (May 2017)

Exodus Oktavia Brownlow, “Baby is the Big Man, Now” (March 2022)

Victoria Buitron, “What We Omit” (February 2021)

Stacy Trautwein Burns, “Daughter of, 1949-1958” (September 2019)

Erin Calabria, “Cetacea” (October 2021)

Jonathan Cardew, “Avoid Random Spaces” (November 2017)

K.B. Carle, “White Ribbons” (October 2018)

Laton Carter, “Story of a Nose” (May 2019)

Tanya Castro, “It Was 1687 When a Falling Apple…” (April 2021)

Kathy Chamberlain, “My Coworker Haunts Me” (March 2019)

Doris Cheng, “The Corner of My Eye” (April 2021)

Elaine Chiew, “My Mother’s Ashes” (April 2018)

Spencer Chou, “Swimming with Dolphins” (June 2017)

Annina Claesson, “After the Salon, Before the Plane (November 2021)

Chloe N. Clark, “These Arms of Yours” (May 2018)

Tyrese L. Coleman, “Red ‘N Wolf” (March 2017)

Sheldon Lee Compton, “Causality Dilemma” (March 2018)

Nicholas Cook, “The Eclipse” (September 2017)

Jamie Cooper, “The Panther” (March 2019)

Samantha Costanzo Carleton, “That Which We Call a Rose” (August 2021)

Katie Cortese, “On the Way to School, a Storm” (April 2021)

Noa Covo, “Fusarium oxysporum” (March 2021)

Annette Covrigaru, “On the Wall” (May 2020)

Stefani Cox, “Close Down” (September 2019)

Travis Cravey, “Jack Rabbit” (September 2018)

Christina Dalcher, “Correspondence” (April 2017)

Shome Dasgupta, “Invincible” (March 2018)

Tommy Dean, “Famous is Always Better than Dead” (October 2019)

Tommy Dean, “A Predictable Nature” (June 2021)

Gay Degani, “Crossing the Meadow” (February 2017)

Francisco Delgado, “Stopping by a Store on a Summer Evening” (December 2020)

Leonora Desar, “Honey” (August 2019)

Emily Devane, “Something Like Happy” (December 2020)

Todd Dillard, “The Hand” (January 2019)

Miranda Divett Gonzalez, “Keep Off Lawn” (July 2019)

Jacqueline Doyle, “By a Mountain Stream in Northern Spain” (December 2017)

David Drury, “The House Lamps” (June 2018)

David Drury, “Propitiation” (January 2020)

Molia Dumbleton, “The Live Room” (February 2017)

Kim Ellingson, “Sparrow Haibun” (March 2021)

Ellen Ellis, “Watermelon” (September 2019)

Leumas Eloc, “To the Anything Above” (May 2019)

John Gerard Fagan, “The Last of the Sea” (June 2017)

Conor Saparoff Ferguson, “Daiquiris at the End of the World” (December 2018)

Joaquin Fernandez, “The Armadillo” (March 2020)

Lisa Ferranti, “Moose Lodge #1384” (August 2018)

Kathy Fish, “Terminals” (March 2017)

Jennifer Fliss, “The Intimacy of Brushing Teeth” (March 2018)

Andrea Frazier, “A Man on the Street Offers Me a Cooked Shrimp” (February 2022)

Melissa Fu, “Nine Pancakes” (April 2018)

Megan Furniss, “The Sound of Ice” (April 2019)

Caroljean Gavin, “Clutched” (August 2021)

Kate Gehan, “Alone and Not Alone” (October 2017)

Ann Gelder, “The Selwyn Place” (September 2018)

Diane D. Gillette, “Stingrays in Captivity” (July 2021)

Gabriela Gonzales, “Sunday Morning Girl” (January 2020)

Melissa Goode, “The Body of a Man” (September 2017)

Hannah Gordon, “All the Best People” (December 2017)

Anita Goveas, “Let’s Sing All the Swear Words We Know” (September 2018)

Shasta Grant, “Far from Home” (December 2019)

Paul Alex Gray, “Evening Star” (July 2017)

Hannah Grieco, “You Know This Has to Be True, or Else You’ll Dissolve Too” (Feb 2020)

Sian Griffiths, “Everyone Fails” (October 2018)

Stephen Ground, “Bones Passing Through” (December 2020)