(In alphabetical by last name)


Jac Jemc, “Truth and Rules”

Michele Finn Johnson, “Born Again”

Jad Josey, “A Matter of Propriety (Paint Rock, Texas)

Sophie van Llewyn, “Tinnitus”

Fiona J. Mackintosh, “Triangle”

Ali McGrane, “The Boy with Clown Feet”

Chris Milam, “Powerball for Drifters”

Evan Nicholls, “The Night Season”

Ashley Perez, “The Iridescence of our Sins”

Katie Quinnelly, “Timing”

Mary Lynn Reed, “Survey”

Lori Sambol Brody, “The World’s More Full of Weeping than You Can Understand”

Noa Sivan, “Like Dolphins”

Jan Stinchcomb, “Touch Tank”

Daniel W. Thompson, “Tiny Hands”

Jennifer Todhunter, “Nualla to the Nth Degree”

Steve Trumpeter, “The Director”

Cathy Ulrich, “The French Film of Your Life is Black and White”

Clio Velentza, “Falling Leaves, A Sycamore”

Rachael Warecki, “Half a Minute”

A.E. Weisgerber, “Mickey Rourke”

Brandy Wilkinson, “One Man’s Treasure”



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