(Alphabetical by last name)

L. Mari Harris, “This Story Probably Won’t Mean What You Think It Will” (October 2019)

James Hartman, “Lost, and” (January 2018)

Amanda Hays, “Terrarium” (June 2019)

Kyle Hemmings, “The Fat Lady’s Hands” (April 2017)

Graham Henderson, “The Relic Face of San Gilberto” (May 2018)

Hope Henderson, “Shopping for One” (January 2019)

Anne Hensley, “Standardized Outcomes” (November 2018)

Sabrina Hicks, “The Synchronicity of Water” (April 2020)

Marissa Higgins, “Peninsula” (May 2021)

Max Hipp, “You Can’t Put Your Arms Around a Memory” (April 2019)

Claire Hopple, “Maintain Speed Through Tunnel” (May 2018)

Liz Howard, “The Faces of Strangers” (June 2018)

E.M. Hubscher, “The Unwelcome Guest” (August 2017)

Emma Faesi Hudelson, “Nail Polish” (August 2017)

Lauren Hummel, “Palliative Care” (March 2020)

M.J. Iuppa, “Cry, Baby” (July 2018)

M.J. Iuppa, “She Says” (February 2020)

Christopher James, “Tom Vs May” (July 2018)

Jac Jemc, “Truth and Rules” (May 2017)

Michele Finn Johnson, “Born Again” (February 2017)

Michele Finn Johnson, “Grafton Hill” (January 2019)

Karen Jones, “Small Mercies” (June 2018)

Jad Josey, “A Matter of Propriety (Paint Rock, Texas) (December 2017)

Anu Kandikuppa, “Beginnings” (June 2021)

Robert Kaye, “Terrarium” (October 2018)

Keef, “Roman Candle” (July 2019)

Kyra Kondis, “I Wouldn’t Give Up” (January 2020)

Kristin Kozlowski, “Mending Bodies” (November 2019)

Kathryn Kulpa, “Something from Home” (October 2019)

Haddiyah Kuma, “Nostalgia is Stupid” (November 2019)

Hillary Leftwich, “Northern Lights” (January 2019)

Sophie van Llewyn, “Tinnitus” (April 2017)

Adam Lock, “Photography is Like Magnetism, a Mystery to Almost Everyone” (Nov 2018)

Alexander Luft, “A Matter of Incredible Possibility” (June 2019)

Fiona J. Mackintosh, “Triangle” (November 2017)

Kim Magowan, “When Viv Wanted to Walk to Crescent Street” (January 2019)

S. S. Mandani, “Body of Water” (July 2021)

Meg Max, “Thief” (October 2021)

Shawn McClure, “Blessed Teeth” (October 2018)

Ali McGrane, “The Boy with Clown Feet” (July 2017)

Kathryn McMahon, “Tigers” (April 2018)

Suzanne McWhorter, “Pastime” (April 2020)

Zoë Meager, “Why Did the Morandi Bridge (14.08.18)” (April 2021)

Lisa Mecham, “Attachment Theory” (July 2018)

Jen Michalski, “Learning to Swim” (May 2021)

Chris Milam, “Powerball for Drifters” (May 2017)

Victoria Miller, “Monsoon” (December 2019)

Veronica Montes, “Lint Trap” (June 2019)

Sarah Fawn Montgomery, “Pocketed” (June 2021)

Evan Nicholls, “The Night Season” (January 2018)

Evan Nicholls, “December” (March 2020)

Benjamin Niespodziany, “On My Day Off” (March 2019)

Vic Nogay, “The Revivals We Cleave, We Endure” (May 2021)

Blessing Nwodo, “The Heart Sniper’s Tale” (May 2019)

Kara Oakleaf, “In Foxfield” (July 2019)

Nuala O’Connor, “Rehearsal” (January 2020)

Wendy Oleson, “What We Deserve” (February 2019)

Carolyn Oliver, “This Splenda Packet Advises Me…” (September 2021)

Ashley Perez, “The Iridescence of our Sins” (March 2017)

Samantha Peterson, “Fishing in Ketchikan” (July 2019)

Kristen M. Ploetz, “The Hollow of Freestone Peaches” (March 2018)

Claire Polders, “Limbo Land” (August 2018)

Michele Popadich, “Gold” (September 2021)

Katie Quinnelly, “Timing” (February 2018)

Leanne Radojkovich, “The crawlspace” (November 2019)

Melissa Ragsly, “Present Tense” (December 2019)

Jon Ransom, “Pink Sky” (February 2018)

Mary Lynn Reed, “Survey” (June 2017)

Andrea Rinard, “Commute” (January 2020)

Kaitlin Ruether, “Revival, or The Mistakes Made…” (April 2019)

Reshma Ruia, “A Mrs. Dalloway Kind of Day” (April 2019)

Lori Sambol Brody, “The World’s More Full of Weeping than You Can Understand” (October 2017)

Lori Sambol Brody, “Something Old, Something New” (July 2021)

Ashley Sapp, “Beer Breath and Hauntings” (November 2021)

Eva M. Schlesinger, “Postcards” (December 2018)

Pete Segall, “Before the 6:30” (May 2018)

Kristen Seikaly, “Planetary Disappointment” (August 2018)

Noa Sivan, “Like Dolphins” (November 2017)

Joe P. Squance, “The Skywriter” (May 2018)

Alina Stefanescu, “No Such Person” (October 2019)

Jan Stinchcomb, “Touch Tank” (January 2018)

Nancy Stohlman, “The Last Orgy” (May 2019)

Jan Elman Stout, “A Change in New Glarus, Wisconsin” (November 2019)

Sutton Strother, “And No More Shall We Part” (September 2019)

Star Su, “Fairest” (May 2021)

Christine Taylor, “When Someone Cuts the Tulips” (February 2020)

Shayne Terry, “There Will be a Reconciliation” (February 2019)

Daniel W. Thompson, “Tiny Hands” (October 2017)

Jennifer Todhunter, “Nualla to the Nth Degree” (January 2018)

Eileen Tomarchio, “1987” (September 2021)

Adam Trodd, “My Dada is a Bird” (October 2019)

Steve Trumpeter, “The Director” (February 2017)

Elizabeth Turner, “Horsemouth and Aquariumhead” (March 2020)

Cathy Ulrich, “The French Film of Your Life is Black and White” (May 2017)

Lavanya Vasudevan, “Smoke Gets in Your Eyes” (July 2019)

Clio Velentza, “Falling Leaves, A Sycamore” (August 2017)

John Carr Walker, “Sally About Town” (September 2021)

Rachael Warecki, “Half a Minute” (November 2017)

A.E. Weisgerber, “Mickey Rourke” (March 2017)

Meg White, “Remember What?” (April 2020)

Brandy Wilkinson, “One Man’s Treasure” (December 2017)

Nathan Willis, “Termination Point” (October 2021)

Jeffrey Winter, “The Kissing Disease” (March 2019)

Francine Witte, “My Mama Wanted a Zebra” (February 2020)

Jenny Wong, “Dandelion Skin” (April 2020)

Didi Wood, “François” (August 2018)

Jennifer Wortman, “True Love” (August 2021)

Judy Xie, “White Noise” (February 2019)

Becca Yenser, “Zombies in the Bosque” (June 2021)

Tara Isabel Zambrano, “The Undecided Colors” (April 2018)